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  • Migrate an existing web-based web application to the cloud ( Amazon AWS platform / Google Cloud).

  • Architect, design and deliver a new web application to the cloud (Amazon AWS platform / Google Cloud).

  • Offsite backups, scalable computing, data archiving, web hosting, emailing, online databases, analytics, real time data processing and to deliver the benefits of these solutions for your organisation.

  • Migrate development or test environments to the cloud.

  • Deployment / Build pipelines for your code. 

  • Desktops and File Sharing in the cloud.

  • Training: We can work with clients to understand the potential of cloud-based solutions and to map these solutions to their organisation.

  • Architect:  Partner with clients to architect complete solutions for deployment on the cloud.

  • Delivery: We can work with clients to deliver complete solutions – from business case through to support transition. 

Managed Office
  1. File Sharing
  2. Simple Secure Cloud Backup / Storage
  3. Email 
  4. Web Site Hosting
  5. Desktop Anywhere


Move your entire office to the cloud, your Desktops follow you anywhere you go and on any device.

Want your PC dersktop on your IPAD or work on your Office files when mobile?


Want to update your website and not have to pay for every entry, every image addition, or simple text changes?

Control your own web presence and make it simple, secure, scalable and most of all very affordable.


Access your company files and have them Sync'd and be available on any device, anywhere.

Simplify your company workflows, Fix those tasks that should be automated and cost your staff days of work.


  • We provide a Managed services starting at  €120 a month.

  • Migration packages, setting up everything from Email, Intranets, Website (Design & Hosting), DNS, Fileservers / File Shares & Desktops All  in the cloud starting at €450 


 Contact us to see how K² Cloud Engineering can help Transform your business

Business Streamlining


1. Automate Manual Processes

Manual processes stubbornly persist in all businesses, even those that are heavily automated. Outmoded manual methods are very much on the minds of managers and owners. 

There are a couple of reasons manual processes endure. Some processes may fall outside the scope of core day to day business. Or, a company may determine that some processes are too niche-oriented to justify the expense of a specialized application and associated infrastructure and investment. In those types of situations, cloud software can help companies streamline business processes that have proven difficult to automate. Today, software  applications cover a range of process and can be configured to meet an organization’s specific requirements. Cloud software also lets compnaies avoid the upfront software licensing and hardware costs of a traditional on-premise deployment. The cloud can help you clean up areas of manual inefficiency.


2. Keep Up With Business Change

A business is subject to constant change. Customer demand patterns may shift at a moment’s notice. New products and services must be developed. The regulatory environment can introduce any number of compliance wrinkles. A given business process may have difficulty keeping up with such a dynamic setting. Cloud software, however, can give companies the agility to modify business processes or roll out entirely new ones.

That’s because the cloud lets organizations create new modes of doing business much more rapidly than traditional approaches. A cloud-based solution can often be switched on in a matter of minutes. A typical on-premise deployment, in contrast, could take weeks or months. An organization may need to modify its existing IT infrastructure to accommodate a desired application or order and assemble the new hardware and storage components for hosting the application.

“The difficulty of doing this, and the time that it takes, can be a major barrier to innovation,” noted The Open Group, a global consortium that promotes IT standards. “Cloud computing can remove this barrier by enabling the enterprise to add to or change its IT resources quickly and easily.”

In short, cloud software provides the flexibility to streamline business processes on the fly.


3. Simplify Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery business process generally requires an organization to build out a redundant facility and then implement technology to replicate data from the primary site to the backup location. Disaster recovery can become a complicated and expensive business process.

Cloud software, on the other hand, lets your company simplify disaster recovery. As an example, Many large corporations have moved to Amazon Web Services and software from CloudVelox and others to provide a disaster recovery capability in the cloud. Many of these Businesses lacked the resources or funding to build a second facility or send data offsite as a backup. The cloud approach provides data protection without the associated costs and complexity.


A Streamlined Process

Cloud-based technology can streamline business processes, from manual activities to disaster recovery scenarios. Moving those daily excel processing tasks, to starting an affordable Big Data project, these are just some of the tasks that can be achieved in the cloud at a lower cost and delivery time.


Let K² Cloud Engineering help you be more efficient and streamline your IT , and conpany workflows.

Go Complete Business” 


OpenERP Module

 “A complete business package” for all your business needs, a fully integrated system for your business that does your invoicing, payroll, accounts, CRM, website builder & hosting, Timesheets, HR management system and team collaboration system. 

We compliment this immense system with our amazing intranet to have your company business solution complete.


Our intranet is fantastic, it brings your teams closer together and can increase productivity. IT can increase employee engagement by allowing them to use a “Social Media” in work setting. They can use our intranet to work on projects per department or as a business.


No matter the size or nature of your business, Go Complete will benefit you. We leverage OpernERP, a world class complete ERP system which  will allow you to complete your work more efficiently and have all your records safe and secure in the cloud, and Accessible anywhere on any device.


€79 for this full package per month

Go Sell” 


CRM Module - Sales Leads, Opportunities, Marketing, Reporting and Project Lifecycles all in a Simple userfriendsly package.

INVOCIE Module - Simple Invoicing and Quote Management - Allow your customers to interact and manage their quotes and invoicing.

INTRANET Module - Intranet in a box, Social Messaging, Wiki - Documents, Team interactivity.

ACCOUNTS Module - Online shared accounting system, 


Choose 3 modules for €50


Go HR” 


LMS Module -  A simple to use Leave Management system, allows your employess to apply for Overtime and Time Off, all shared via Team Calanders.


HRM Module - A Comprahensive HR, and Employee Management system. Manage all aspects of your Hiring, Benefits and Employee systems.


Our HRM is People management systems made easy. Our Cloud Hosted tools will help simplify everything, from your induction process, to tracking staffs performance management.

Combined these modules allow you more time to manage your people, increase productivity, grow your business and save you precious time on those manual processes and tasks.


Enable your business technology for rapid expansion. 

Large enterprises have utilised similar People management / HR systems for some time. Your business can have what these large enterprises have for a fraction of the price.


Intranet Module -Some of the benefits of our Social Intranet, enabling all users managed by the “Go HR” system to keep in touch via Intranet mail and messaging features, Solial style message updated, on the fly Document and image sharing and easy on the spot Documentation.


Wether for sharing documentation or advertising the company summer BBQ. With our shared spaces for different departments, your sales teams can keep up to date with the latest offers. Your HR team can keep up with the massive workload, sharing the tasks with colleagues or other members of staff. Easily post messages and updates, policies and procedures


€55 for all 3 modules per month

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