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Design & Develop

We architect and engineer scalable, high-performing digital solutions to meet our clients' business challenges. Our
services focus on Mobility Solutions, Web Application Development, Cloud Solutions, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain, Artificial
Intelligence & Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics & Big Data Solutions, and several other trending and emerging

Product Development

We productize your ideas in a way that helps you stay a cut above the ordinary. We bring together our top talents to
design your product, roll it out in the market and enhance it iteratively.

MVP Development

We help startups and mature businesses with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services that include POC
demo and prototype design, pilot MVP development and single feature MVP design that help organizations understand
their product-market fit and allow them to grow without incurring unnecessary costs.

Product Design & Engineering

Our certified designers and engineers come with the skills to map user flows, create top-notch product style-guides,
sketches and wireframes to develop UI designs that ensure robustness and scalability, across platforms and devices.

Product Transformation & Re-engineering

We bring forth cost-effective re-engineering and remodeling processes to help our clients replace their legacy-old
product designs with newer and more cutting-edge architecture to maximize their business efficiency.

Product Testing

Our dedicated and experienced QA engineers are proficient in offering test plans, test cases, risk assessment, defect
analysis and recommendations to ensure smooth functionality, performance, adaptability, security, and usability of your
software products while saving you considerable expense.

Software Product Deployment

We leverage our industry experience to implement best-of-breed engineering solutions for deploying successful
software products that thrive in this dynamic market and help our clients carve their niche.

Product Support & Maintenance

Our knowledgeable consultants and strategists not only help businesses launch unique products with reduced time to
market but also deliver maintenance services that include design enhancements, migration tasks, database and data
warehouse support, bug tracking and fixing, functionality improvements, modification request management, new
version releases and upgrades, off and on-site support, etc.

Development Team

Hire Dedicated Web, Software, Mobile, DevOps, QA, and UI/UX Experts on a full-time, hourly, or fixed-cost project basis
and manage them as your extended team.

Web Development

We use state-of-the-art technologies and development practices to create custom web applications for your business.
Our web design team conceptualizes and creates each application from scratch, ensuring it meets your unique business.

Mobile App Development

Our developers build native or hybrid apps for iOS and Android using the latest tech stack. We have expertise in fintech,
edtech, healthcare, streaming industries, and more.

Backend Development

From database migrations to API integrations to set up the server-side technologies that make an application work, a
backend web developer is a quintessential role that you want to get your project off the ground.

Software Development

Get the custom functionality and features required to meet your business or industry's unique needs. Our custom
software solutions help you address your present needs and, more importantly, your needs for the future.

Front-end Development

We create modern, interactive, and reliable user interfaces across all business domains. We work with the most modern
tools and frameworks like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, and much more for designing and developing engaging, fast loading,
and robust, user-friendly interfaces.

UI & UX Design

Are you looking to work with a team that puts forth a transparent design process and delivers spot-on results within
budget? Turn to our long-standing design team specializing in corporate identity designs, responsive web solutions, print
designs, motion graphics, and UX strategy and consulting.

DevOps & Cloud

Tap into our on-demand DevOps expertise to achieve the cloud-enabled business transformation that’s aimed at
cost-saving, agility, speed-to-delivery, and innovation.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our manual testing, automation testing, and project assessment help us implement solutions that run without issues. Let
no bug slip through our end-to-end testing process that involves certified QA analysts who work towards delivering
error-free and superior-quality software applications to meet (and exceed) your expectations.

Themis Fraud Management

Imagine a world without reputational and financial risk associated with fraud.

Imagine a world where fraud combating solutions are so sophisticated, that you are a step ahead, and not behind
criminals, with clear sight of emerging trends.

Imagine a world where the entire fraud management value chain for banking, financial and medical insurance
companies is covered in one, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution.

We did…and then we built it.

We call it Themis.

Themis is a state of the art application that combats Fraud across the Banking, Financial Insurance and Medical

Themis Fraud Management

Themis is a solution in three parts:

The heart of Themis is an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Network, with more than 550
pre-created algorithms, that detect and combat illicit financial flow across the entire fraud value chain. We also
augment the data within Themis through external golden data sources and/or bureaus; today, we ingest data
from more than 7000 sources to give you a comprehensive, single view of a customer.

Our team of forensic experts, data scientists and actuaries, are constantly challenging the status quo, and
introducing additional algorithms (typologies), methods and standards to make Themis a leader in every regard.
Unlike aging and conventional tools, we dont rely on rules-based engines or perfect and complete datasets. Our
unique approach, delivers exceptional cost to value, rapid results and continuously improving accuracy through
the effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Themis is shipped with Maestro, an acclaimed Case Management solution that is seamlessly integrated, and that
acts as a single point of engagement to case managers, allowing them to see not only information directly from
Themis, but also supporting information (structured and unstructured) from bureaus and other golden data
sources, all in one environment.

Part three is an extensive analytical platform that gives case managers comprehensive insights into their
investigations and across all business use cases for which Themis is deployed.

Themis Fraud Management

Our solution offers clients:

– Fraud management

– Waste and Abuse management (Healthcare)

– Quality assurance

– Full management dashboards and reporting

– Customer due diligence

– Enhanced due diligence

– Anti money laundering

– Anti terrorism funding

– Syndication

– Ponzi Schemes

– Internal Collusion

Themis is compliant with:

– BASEL 239

– King



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