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Effectively implemented, data & cloud can transform business processes, improve security, increase flexibility, drive cost savings, and offer environmental efficiencies.


We offer a broad portfolio of professional services aimed at ensuring our clients’ successful deployment, adoption and exploitation of cloud & data computing.

Our Professional Services are designed to offer advice and support as you assess your IT landscape. Whether you’re looking to leverage your current landscape or move to a cloud based infrastructure, we can help you to define your needs and plan and implement a more streamlined, cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Cloud Analytics Modernization

We partner with companies to optimise their business flows, utilising  the latest technologies and our vast experience. We help create value in a simple, clear and effective way. We specialise in identifying those services and workflows that can easily be converted to micro-services, migrated or automated in place or into the cloud.


Let us help to your organisation save on expense, hardware, & delivery times .


 Simplify your business processes today.

Versatility in Application

We partner with companies to optimise their business by using the latest technologies and our vast experience. We do this in a simple, clear and effective way, identifying services and workflows that can easily be migrated to the cloud. 

Let us save you expense, hardware, & delivery time .


 simplify your business processes today.

Data Science Acceleration

Let us help you maximise your business intelligence, with our experts in Machine Learning & AI.  Put your data to work.

Full Customer Experience Service

We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the particular challenges faced by modern business, and coming up with solutions that not only solve those business problems but also provide a competitive edge, simplfying IT operations and infrastructure, delivering large savings and reduced IT complexity.

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K² Cloud specialise in E-commerce Applications, Software Design, Cloud Migrations, and leveraging Digital Transformation to create value and solve your problems.

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